How to configure Xdebug for Laravel in PHPSTORM

Laravel -

Sep 21 2019

You should never underestimate the importance of a fully set up development environment and none is complete unless you have a proper error debugging tools in place.

Setting appropriate Laravel persmissions on Linux Ubuntu server

Laravel -

Sep 25 2019

After publishing your Laravel application to a real web server, you discover then some of your functionalities are failing. What a nice start of the day.

How to access images from storage folder in Laravel

Laravel -

Sep 27 2019

You should not have an access to the storage folder from the web browser. So how then to serve our images to the user.

How to get an output of a Raw SQL query string in Laravel

Laravel -

Sep 27 2019

Sometimes you want exactly to see the raw code of the query you are executing to asses the performance loss or gain.

Make navbar navigation links active in Laravel

Laravel -

Sep 28 2019

Making navigation links active helps users better navigate on your application. It can also be a good visual boost.

How to display unescaped HTML in Vue.js

Javascript -

Oct 11 2019

Trying to output raw HTML code from a database can not go as planned as Vue will actually try to execute it which is not good.

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