Dino Numic

Hi, I’m Dino. Yes, I am the guy who made this website. Image on the right doesn't do me justice. It makes me look way younger than I feel.

I am a full-stack software developer with a strong passion to learn new exciting things and share that knowledge. If I managed to learn it from somewhere, the only decent thing is to pass it along.

I have started my programming journey whilst being a freshman at university. Never would I have thought that I’d love it so much. So far, I have freelanced, worked remotely, worked with friends, worked alone. All of them have their own perks and quirks.

Currently, full time employed at a fantastic company writing modern applications with Node, React, and Vue. I enjoy the diversity that these various technologies bring and all the possible ways that you can advance.

At the company, we are focused on startups where we, aside from only coding, also help with product discovery and business operations.

I’d love to see you coming on this programming adventure together with me.