10 min

How to log Eloquent query

One of the major factors affecting the application performance is the improper design of database and poorly written inefficient queries.


4 min

Make navbar navigation links active in Laravel

It tells the user which page he is on and it adds to the visuals of the application. In Laravel, it is relatively easy to achieve highlighted nav links.


14 min

How to make a simple paginator in Vue.js and Laravel

In the Laravel framework, all the heavy lifting of pagination is done by Laravel. We often just specify the number of paginated records and call the render in our blade file.


12 min

How to upload images in Laravel and Vue from rich text editor

Very often you will find yourself in a need of a good rich text editor that supports everything out of the box.


18 min

How to make translations for your Laravel and Vue.js application

Having translations on your website is one of the ways to attract users and potential customers as the website becomes more appealing to foreign language speakers.


15 min

How to use Laravel Blade and Vue.js together

In this article, we will look at how we can write and use Vue components inside our blade files.