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Vue.js: Learning the basics by building a movie web app

By enrolling and finishing this course you will gain a clear insight into Vue and learn how to build your first Vue application. This course is primarily geared towards beginners and developers who would like a quick crash course into Vue development.

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This does not mean that we will take it easy and only work with the simplest approaches!

Here are, summarized, some of the things you will learn throughout this course.

  1. Install Vue CLI and create a new project

    You will learn how to create a new project with Vue CLI (command line interface). We will explore and explain all files and folders that come created with the default project.

  2. Create routes and learn how to manage state with Vuex

    You will learn how to create and programmatically navigate through the Vue application. You will also learn how to manage the global application-level state separate it using modules.

  3. Dive into life-cycle hooks, Vue directives, mixins

    You will learn all the steps through which a component goes from its creation till the moment it is destroyed. Learn some of the Vue directives and look at how we can share similar code across multiple components.

  4. Create CRUD with firebase

    Learn how to create basic CRUD operations with Axios and Firebase and make API calls to update the global state.

  5. You will have fun

    You will have fun learning more about Vue and working on this lovely movie application.

Check it out on Udemy